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La Caletta, a Laid-Back Lounge in Tamarindo

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  • Bar & Restaurant in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica

With Upscale Styling!

Tropical textiles and warm wooden accents come together in Cala Luna’s eclectic, casual lounge, La Caletta. Situated just next to the main pool, there’s no better place to taste delicious and creative cocktails under the shade while taking in the lush vegetation that surrounds you.

Offering long tables for bigger groups and cozy corners with daybeds and luxuriously soft chaises, La Caletta’s lounge-bar atmosphere caters to all types of guests, serving light lunches and artistic snacks throughout the day, and international fusion tapas-style dining at night. The lounge’s food menu is in perfect harmony with our expansive list of refreshing cocktails, local and imported beers, and our incredible selection of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines.

Whether you choose to spend your day here in the lounge or poolside in the decadent shade of one of our cabanas, you’ll be treated to friendly service from our wait staff delivering snacks and beverages to you with a smile.

Open for pool service, lunch and snacks 9 am to 6 pm daily

Bar and lounge service 6-11 pm daily

Local Cocktails, Organic Wines and Costa Rican Beers

Try the beloved beers of Costa Rica, including the lighter Imperial or flavorful Pilsen, as you sit at the rich wooden bar, or choose from a wide range of international brews as well. Our beers are always served ice cold, keeping you feeling refreshed.

Meanwhile, our cocktail list is always changing to reflect the seasonal delights available from our organic garden, located right here at the hotel. Many of our cocktails are created using the organic produce we grow, along with other fresh ingredients that reflect Costa Rica’s tropical flair. From the staples like piña coladas, mojitos and margaritas, to in-house specialties like the caprese martini, garnished with fresh buffalo mozzarella, our cocktail list is never stale, but always bright, vibrant and exciting. Peruse our array of liquors and spirits from around the world and customize the perfect concoction to suit your mood.

Finally, our wine list is where we truly shine. Cala Luna prides itself on being the first hotel to adopt a wine list that is completely sustainable, offering organic and biodynamic wines.

You are what you eat… and drink! So we have meticulously scoured the world for the best wines that are not only delicious, but healthy as well. Grapes grown in vineyards that use artificial fertilizers, chemical agents and pesticides absorb those harmful additives through the soil, and those chemical agents are present in the finished wine product that you drink. However, we believe that wine should be as kind to your body as it is nourishing to the mind. Hence, our wines come from vineyards that adhere to sustainable and chemical-free practices, and we feel that this creates wines that more truly reflect the natural flavors and intricacies of the soil from which it came.

Biodynamic wines go further than just being organic. The term is used to signify wines that come from vineyards that are sustainable, such as vineyards that reuse graywater and organic waste, rather than discarding them. Hence biodynamic wines come from vineyards that are viewed as living organisms that embody all the elements of a balanced ecosystem and create a lower environmental impact.

Similarly, organic wines are produced from grapes grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. There are two kinds of organic wines: 

  • 100% organic, which indicates that all the grapes were grown organically and does not include added sulphites.
  • Organic indicates that at least 95% of the ingredients in the wine come from organic sources, but may include some added sulphites.

We’ve worked hard to bring guests of La Caletta Bar and Lounge, and Cala Moresca Restaurant, the ultimate menu including foods and wines from earth-friendly and organic sources, which ensure you a delicious, gourmet meal that you’ll feel good eating.

Taste Our Menu of Artistic Snacks or Light Meals

Developed specifically to encourage sharing and promote a familiar, tight-knight ambiance, the menu at La Caletta features gourmet fare reminiscent of tapas. Small portions and an exciting variety of dishes come together for a tasting journey that will take you around the world. This menu is deal for light lunches, afternoon snacks, or anytime if you’re joining us a group.

Like the food served at our main restaurant, Cala Moresca, the ingredients in the dishes served at La Caletta come from sustainable origins. Much of the fruits and vegetables we serve either come right from the hotel property or are grown by our staff in their gardens. Anything else, we receive from nearby farms which we’ve checked out to ensure their products are produced with the smallest possible amount of waste and carbon footprint. Any menu items containing fish never come from commercial ventures and are local to Costa Rica.

Anything from our food menu and drinks list is available for you to enjoy in the lounge or out by the pool, any time of day.

Pairs Well With Friends or Family

Share the gourmet experience and soak in the sophistication and style of our lounge. If you’re here as a couple on a romantic getaway, La Caletta provides an intimate setting with bright pillows atop daybeds where the two of you can get comfortable. But the lounge is excellent for families and large groups, as well. With ample space and seating, you’ll be relaxed bringing the whole crew here for drinks and snacks. Our finger-style menu items are perfect for kids, and we are happy to serve creative virgin drinks so they feel like they’re one of the grown-ups.

If the purpose of your vacation to Tamarindo is a wedding or other special event, why not bring your guests to the lounge to connect over highballs and taste some of the most inventive organic food in the country?


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