Delight in fresh, artistic cuisine in a romantic setting

Dining at Cala Luna’s luxurious poolside restaurant is a culinary experience you’ll not encounter elsewhere in Costa Rica. Our chef’s focus on elegant and delicious creations delights our guests and local customers alike. The kitchen team conjures dishes that combine international cuisine with Costa Rican flavors to deliver one-of-a-kind tastes amid an intimate setting.

As you sit in the partially outdoor dining area, you are surrounded by flickering lanterns that reflect in the glasslike pool. You gaze up to the shimmering stars surrounded by palms as you sip chilled wine before your dinner arrives. Soon, you relish in gourmet fare that is often organic, local and sustainable, but certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor, originality or refinement. Our dinners are complemented by an ample wine list that is organic and biodynamic, and we’re proud to be the first hotel to adopt this exclusive wine selection.

We continue our tradition of personalized and friendly service at Cala Moresca. Our wait staff are always ready to assist you with any request and our chef will always try his best to accommodate any dietary restrictions and special requests you may have.

Open for breakfast 6:45-10 am daily

Lunch 11:30-4 pm daily

Dinner 6-9:45 daily

We believe that “gourmet” and “healthy” belong together

Our chef at Cala Moresca Restaurant, along with the owners of Cala Luna hotel, strongly believes you are what you eat. Hence, eating responsibly and healthily leads to sharper mental function and improved physical health. Hailing from Belgium and Italy, our owners believe that food and wine are intrinsic elements of life, which is why they constantly review our menu and food origins to adhere to stringent criteria for your dining experience.

  • We strive to only use ingredients produced with a low carbon footprint. Thus, we frequently adapt our menus and use, whenever possible, ingredients grown or produced in Costa Rica. For example, salmon trout sourced from the cloud forest near San Jose instead of Chilean salmon; and cashew nuts instead of almonds.
  • Most of the ingredients we use daily are grown in Cala Luna’s own organic vegetable and herb garden, or at one of the two organic farms of Cala Luna’s sister projects.
  • Whatever Cala Luna cannot grow itself, we buy from our employees, such as vegetables, fruits, poultry and dairy products produced locally at their homes right here in Guanacaste.
  • At all times, we avoid using processed ingredients.
  • By not purchasing imported items, we are more familiar with the ingredients that are used, and retain better control over the amount of wasteful packaging and carbon emissions.

A note about our fresh fish and other foods

At Cala Moresca Restaurant, as well as La Caletta Lounge, we strive to only provide our guests with products that come from earth-friendly, sustainable sources and practices. That’s why we try to grow as much of our own produce as possible right on the hotel grounds, so we can ensure these fruits of the earth are grown without added chemicals and without creating excess waste. In addition, whatever we can’t grow ourselves, we try to grow at the owner’s property called La Senda (which you can visit on our one-of-a-kind La Senda tour), or at neighboring properties where we know your food is coming from a safe, sustainable source.

Recently, we discovered that tuna served in Costa Rica is more and more often coming from commercial fishing ventures. This large-scale fishing practice is very detrimental to the marine ecosystem off our country’s coast, as many marine animals are killed unnecessarily during the practice of fishing for tuna. Hence, when we serve tuna in our restaurants, you can rest assured that we’ve done our homework to ensure it was caught by local fishermen who only use sustainable and non-harmful fishing practices – our tuna never comes from commercial ventures. However, if we are unable to locate tuna from sustainable sources, we do not offer it on our menus.

Offering an extensive selection of organic and biodynamic wines

We are proud to be the first hotel and restaurant in Costa Rica to offer an attractive and exclusive, sustainable, organic and biodynamic wine list.    This is because we believe that vineyards where grape vines are allowed to access naturally occurring nutrients from the soil rather than synthetic drip-fed fertilizers, are better for the planet’s health, and also better for the health of people who drink their products. Choosing organic wines goes beyond a desire to offer chemical-free wines – this is a move toward wine the way nature intended and reflects the flavors and intricacies of the soil in which it originates.

Biodynamic wines take the organic philosophy a step further. The term has been copyrighted, and signifies wines that come from vineyards that are sustainable. For example, these vineyards reuse water waste and other organic products, rather than discarding them. Hence biodynamic wines come from vineyards that are viewed as living organisms in their own right, bringing together all the elements of a balanced ecosystem with a lower environmental impact.

Organic wines similarly come from grapes that were grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. There are two kinds of organic wines:

  • 100% organic, which indicates that all the grapes were grown organically and do not include added sulphites.
  • Organic indicates that at least 95% of the ingredients in the wine come from organic sources, but may include some added sulphites.

We’ve worked hard to bring our guests the ultimate menu including foods and wines from earth-friendly and organic sources, which ensure you a delicious, gourmet meal that you’ll feel good eating.

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