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Exclusive Langosta White Sand Beach

Relax on the shimmering white sand of our exotic beach!

  • Langosta Beach Guanacaste Cala Luna Hotel

There is no more beautiful experience than gazing out at the rolling Pacific ocean from your perch on the warm white sand of a secluded section of beach. Cala Luna’s prime location on Langosta beach offers you just that. From the hotel, take the short meandering trail through indigenous trees and tropical vegetation and across a sturdy driftwood bridge to our exclusive beach where you can relax under the glowing Costa Rican sun and watch the surf bubble in over textured volcanic rock.

On the way to the beach, you’ll likely encounter the wildlife that calls our hotel home, including singing birds, monkeys, multicolored lizards and tiny hermit crabs. When you emerge from the mangrove forest that hangs over the soft pathway, the view is breathtaking: bright, clean sand contrasted by outcroppings of black rock, the shining sea and a clear blue sky. Then, as you nestle into the sand, you’ll be treated to the mesmerizing sound of waves crashing against the shore and if you look offshore, you’re sure to see skilled surfers in the waves. Look around and notice that you’re virtually alone – Cala Luna’s secluded section of Langosta beach is partly hidden from view from the rest of the beach and therefore rarely visited by people. All the better for you. You’ll feel as though you’re in your own private paradise.

  • Langosta Beach Guanacaste Cala Luna Hotel

If floating in a tranquil lagoon is your style, Langosta beach is ideal for swimmers. You can paddle about in a handful of sheltered areas and float with the warm sea against your back and the golden sun caressing your face.

Let the Costa Rican Sunset Take Your Breath Away as You Enjoy Tamarindo’s Prettiest Beach at Our Luxury Boutique Hotel

Bask in the embracing palette of colors that emerge from the horizon as you watch the sun set in the evening. Every night, the sun casts its hues onto the sand and smooth shells along the shoreline, painting the landscape a myriad colors. Look back toward our resort and you’ll see the vegetation come alight with hints of gold, peach, salmon and rose. Walk the shoreline with a glass of chilled wine in hand, or swap the wine for a tropical-themed cocktail – perhaps a mojito? We even have a nightly free sunset cocktail hour, every day from 5 to 6 pm.

Meanwhile, explore the sea life that bustles about in the tide pools where the water collects in craters in the black volcanic rock, or take a swim in a calm lagoon, all while watching the sky ignite. All this, at the doorstep of our luxury resort.

As you sit on the stand or meander along the shore, observe the sun slowly descending toward the horizon, then in a surprisingly quick swoop, it disappears from view, leaving the sky burning with an incredible selection of colors. Langosta beach is the best spot in the area to watch the sunset – its geographical location means that year-round, the sun sets into the ocean here. Conversely, Tamarindo beach points in a slightly different direction, so sunset-seekers there sometimes miss the last moments of this daily phenomenon. Not in Langosta, though. So as you watch the daylight hours come to and end and contemplate how life is so unbelievably peaceful here on Costa Rica’s Pacific shore, you’ll be sure to absorb a serenity that feels entirely rare, but is yours to enjoy every day.

  • Langosta Beach Guanacaste Cala Luna Hotel

Your Beach Adventure Begins Here, With World-Class Surf and Other Ocean Activities!

From our prime location on Langosta beach, you can watch some of the best surfers that call Tamarindo home shred incredible waves, just a few steps away. A short walk brings you to the estuary, where flocks of white seabirds launch themselves from the calm lagoons in a breathtaking display of natural beauty. At the opening of the estuary is a popular surf destination for those who have mastered the sport. Here, you’ll be treated to an impressive show of skills that our local surfers have to offer, so don’t forget your camera.

Or, head the other direction to catch more of the action at nearby Tamarindo beach, just a 10 minute stroll away. As you approach Tamarindo, you’ll fully appreciate the serenity and seclusion you left behind as you notice that more people collect on the beach here. Turn to the water and you’ll see plenty of surfers of all skill levels, including first-day learners who are getting the hang of standing on a board, seasoned veterans who have been surfing Tamarindo’s waves for decades, and everything in between. From the start of Tamarindo beach, where it borders Langosta, all the way to the estuary on the other end, there’s no shortage of aquatic activities to see. Peer out toward the island and you’re likely to see kayakers or Stand Up Paddleboarders navigating the waters. If you’re keen to try, let us know and we’ll set you up with the best equipment available in the area.

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If watching others get their adrenaline rush isn’t enough for you, our boutique hotel is in the ideal spot to learn to surf with our Tamarindo Surf Academy, where you’ll be guided by a professionally trained surf instructor in a program founded and headed by a surf pro. We’ll help you learn to stand up if it’s your first time on a surf board, or help you perfect your technique if you’ve had a bit of practice already.

So whether you’re drawn to the beach for relaxation, exploration, discovering nature or getting your adrenaline pumping, it’s all at Cala Luna’s exclusive beach in spectacular Costa Rica.


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