luxury hotel through Tamarindo

Find your way to our luxury hotel through Tamarindo
From Liberia Airport drive bout 2 km (1.2 miles) to the main road and turn right. Follow the signs to Tamarindo. Continue driving and pass the towns of Guardia, Comunidad, Palmira, Filadelfia and Belen for approximately 25 minutes. At the town Belen, turn right at the Gas Station. You will pass the towns of Santa Ana and Huacas. At Huacas, approximately 22 km (14 miles) make a left turn towards Tamarindo. Drive approximately 10 minutes until you see a sign before the town of Villareal that indicates a right turn to Tamarindo. Make that right turn and drive through the town of Tamarindo until you see a fork on the road. Take the first left turn and then the first right turn toward Playa Langosta. Drive for approximately XX miles (km) and you will see CALA LUNA HOTEL on your right.