Sharing with those who need a hand

Thanks to the generous guests who love our boutique hotel in Tamarindo, we’ve been able to act as a portal to give back to local community and support projects that help improve the lives of people who need assistance. Part of our mission as one of the top luxury hotels in Costa Rica is to maintain a policy of social responsibility toward our community to spread love and support to organizations that are doing phenomenal, generous work. As our guest, you are part of this social responsibility, and we are deeply grateful for that.

Our hotel acts as a gateway between our guests and an agency called Pack for a Purpose. The idea is that guests save a little room in their suitcases to bring supplies from their home country to Costa Rica to support less fortunate kids who need the basics, such as clothing, school supplies and first aid items.

Lending assistance to children in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, where Tamarindo is located, is home to many poor and rural families. A strong sense of community support keeps these small towns close, like a network of families working together to support each other. But for some families, extra help is needed, especially to help raise and educate children with disabilities, or kids who come from broken or dysfunctional households.

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas is proud to support CEPIA Costa Rica, which stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents. Their center is located just a few minutes away from Tamarindo, and the work their staff and volunteers do is beyond heartwarming. They help other organizations and government agencies to help children and teenagers who otherwise wouldn’t have an acceptable quality of life, whether because of extreme poverty, disability, addiction problems at home, or other difficult factors.

How it works

Pack for a Purpose makes it easy for our guests to give back to the community they’re visiting.

Simply visit Pack for a Purpose’s Costa Rica website HERE to see the list of items that local children and teenagers are missing here in the Tamarindo area. Then, in your home country, pick up a few of these items and pack them with you in your suitcase when you come visit Cala Luna.

When you arrive, let our receptionist know that you’ve brought some things for the Pack for a Purpose cause, and we’ll ensure they get delivered to the CEPIA center in the nearby town of Huacas. From there, they get distributed to children, families and schools who need them most.

We’re proud that with your patronage, we can give back to a local organization that helps kids and their families right here in our back yard.

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