Tamarindo Costa Rica ATV Tours

Feel the rush of an offroad ATV adventure

Get off the beaten path and explore the beauty of Costa Rica from places that are not accessible by regular 4WD vehicles. Our Tamarindo ATV tour takes you on narrow trails, bumpy paths and overgrown tracks, across small rivers, and up tall mountains. On the way, you’ll stop at high lookouts to gaze at panoramic views of the golden coastline of the Guanacaste province to take some spectacular pictures.

This ATV tour is not only an exhilarating adrenaline rush, it’s a great way to see some of the wildlife that stays away from the main roads around Tamarindo. Watch for howler monkeys, tropical birds, anteaters and sunbathing iguanas along the way.

Cala Luna’s exciting ATV tour can be combined with a snorkeling adventure or a canopy tour, which is also called a zip line.

Included: transportation, bilingual guide, ATV rental, safety equipment

What to bring: closed-toe shoes, camera, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, optional bandana

Suited for: ages 5 and up, but drivers must be 16 or older

Let the adrenaline flow as you take in stunning views and unchartered territories

Whether you’re traveling to Tamarindo, Costa Rica as a couple or with the kids, an ATV tour is a great way to get out and see what nature has to offer outside of town. With a knowledgeable, English-speaking guide, you’ll drive through diverse landscapes and learn about the incredible wildlife that calls this area home, all with a focus on safety.

Our ATVs are consistently maintained by a professional and trained team of mechanics who work primarily on off-road vehicles. In addition, before embarking on your tour, you’ll be given a full safety briefing to explain how to operate the semi-automatic transmission on the quad, how to safely navigate bumps and potholes, and how to share the road with vehicles – if you see any. Adults with children younger than 16 can drive the ATV with one child on board back as a passenger. Kids older than 16 are allowed to drive their own quad, if you’re comfortable with that option. If you’re traveling with friends, an ATV tour is a great group activity that will give everyone something to talk about long after the day comes to an end.

On your tour, you’ll visit beaches and see panoramic vistas overlooking the impressive coastline. To see the most incredible sunset, opt to take this ATV tour in the afternoon. We’ll stop at a lookout as the sun sinks toward the horizon so you’ll go home with some very breathtaking photos.

Combine your ATV tour with other unique adventures: horseback riding, snorkeling or a canopy tour

There’s nothing quite like the feeling generated from raw power in its two truest forms: Machine and animal. Combine your ATV adventure with a one-of-a-kind tour on horseback that takes you far away from trails explored by others. This is by far the perfect way to discover the richness of the dry tropical forest and the Costa Rican countryside. After kicking up dust beneath the tires of your quad, join us at La Senda (a nearby ranch owned by one of Cala Luna’s owners) and let our cowboy choose a horse according to your level of experience, whether you’re a beginner or expert rider, and even with children. Experience the flexing muscles of these magnificent creatures as you cross fields and forests that are not accessible to other visitors.

If you’re interested in snorkeling, your guide will bring clean snorkel equipment on the journey and bring you and your family to a secluded beach that’s ideal for swimming. Away from the waves, you’ll be able to cool off in the water and explore reefs where colorful fish collect to feed on corals and other marine life. You might see puffer fish, anemones and maybe even a sea turtle if you’re lucky! Be sure to bring your swimsuit if you select this option and an underwater camera if you have one. After your snorkel adventure, relax on the warm white sand of the Guanacaste coast for a while to dry off, then hop back on your quad to continue your trek.

The other option is to add a canopy tour to your quad adventure. A canopy tour is also called zip lining, and involves an exciting, adrenaline-inducing flight through the tops of the trees in the Costa Rican tropical forest. Your ATV guide will take you to a nearby adventure center where you’ll be outfitted with safety-checked equipment including a harness, helmet and leather gloves. Then, the canopy guides will explain how zip lining works, and will tell you how to stay safe and prevent injury as you fly through the air. Once you arrive at the first platform, installed high up on a solid tree in the forest, your harness will be securely connected to a pulley on a thick cable and, after a demonstration by the guide, you’re off, zipping along the cable through the air! On your ride through the tree tops, try to keep your eyes open to take in the incredible views only available from so high up. If you choose this addition to your ATV tour, be sure to bring tight-fitting shoes that won’t fall off on the zip line.

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