Canopy Tour in the Monkey Jungle, see the beauty of Costa Rica from the treetops

Adventure and eco-tourism combine for this adrenaline-filled tour that’s suitable for people of all ages. We take you into the dry tropical forest in the countryside of the province of Guanacaste, not far from Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas. Here, you’ll meet our professional team of adventure guides at the Monkey Jungle Canopy Tour area. They’ll explain to you the ins and outs of taking a canopy tour, also called “zip lining”, which involves soaring through the treetops on a cable from platform to platform. While you’re in the air, you feel the wind on your face and witness panoramic vistas not possible from ground level. You’ll feel you’re on top of the world and experience the thrill of flying through the air above the forests of Costa Rica. Your guides will stay with you as you take seven zip lines between platforms installed high in the trees, making sure you’re safe, comfortable and having fun. At the end of the tour, you can even choose to ride the “Tarzan Swing.”

Included: transportation, bilingual guides, safety instruction, helmets and safety gear, refreshments

What to bring: secure-fitting shoes such as running shoes or sport sandals, comfortable clothes, camera, insect repellent, sunscreen

Suited for: ages 4 and older

About zip lining in the Monkey Jungle

As the name suggests, the Monkey Jungle is home to a lot of monkeys. Here, you may share your time in the treetops of the Costa Rican tropical forest with a family or two of black howler monkeys. When they’re around, you’ll know it – apart from shaking the branches of a tree next to you, you’ll know these monkeys are close by from their loud howl-like call, that sounds surprisingly like a mix between a dog’s bark and a lion’s roar! Not to worry though, these monkeys are peaceful and are nowhere near as big as they sound.

So keep you eyes open and you may spy monkeys in a tree at your eye level as you await your turn on a zip line from your perch on a platform. Also watch out for exotic species of birds that are located only in this unique part of the world. Altogether, this tour is the perfect combination of wildlife discovery, eco-tourism, adventure and family fun.

Exciting enough for adults but safe enough for kids age 4 and 5, the Monkey Jungle Canopy Tour located in the trees near Tamarindo has seven cables on which to fly from one platform to another high in the trees. One is the fastest, another is the longest, and your professional guides will be with you along the way to give you tips and keep you safe. There’s even one cable where you can hang upside-down, just like the guides!

This tour does not include rappelling or climbing, and only requires light walking, meaning it’s perfect for people of all ages and all levels of physical fitness. The groups are always small, meaning you’ll always receive a personal experience and minimal waiting to get on each cable.

The Monkey Jungle zip lining tour is one of the top-rated adventures in Tamarindo and even earned TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence in 2013. Our hotel sought out the premier canopy tour in the area to suit our guests best, and this is certainly it – plus it’s an easy 20 minutes away from Cala Luna. It’s a jungle experience your whole family will be talking about for years.

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