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La Senda, a Cala Luna exclusive tour, not available anywhere else

Truly unique, one of a kind, and available only to guests of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas is a tour that takes you to La Senda, a hacienda and ranch on the outskirts of Tamarindo. This is the home of one of Cala Luna’s owners, where you’ll be guided on a private journey that includes a horseback ride through the dry tropical forest of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province, an informative exploration of the edible and useful plants in this forest and of the ranch’s organic farm, an incredible 3-course lunch, and finally an inspirational trip through the world’s biggest two-centered labyrinth, built solely out of cacti and surrounding two energy centers.

Not only will this tour open your mind to the possibilities of life and the meaning of living in harmony with the land, it is the starting point for stories you’ll be proud to share back home, of an experience available only to a select few.

Included: transportation, 3-course meal including organic wine, cocktails, beer and homemade lemonade, English-speaking guide

What to bring: closed-toe shoes, long pants for horseback trekking, camera, notepad and pen (optional), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

Suited for: all ages

Experience life on a luxury ranch, riding horseback through the forest and plains

On your tour to La Senda, which means “the path” in Spanish, you’ll meet Griet, owner of the ranch, as well as of Cala Luna Hotel. This accomplished, intelligent and fascinating woman will tell you about how both the hotel and the ranch came to be, and about her interest in living sustainably and growing organic food just outside the door of her incredible home. Inspired by art, architecture and the Earth, meeting Griet is an experience you won’t forget.

Your private tour begins with a relaxing 1-hour nature walk through the 30 hectare (74 acres) property with your guide, who will tell you a bit about this property, and about the plants, trees and animals that grow here, as well as share information about organic growing practices that are being innovated here.

If you prefer doing the tour on horseback, an experienced sabanero, or cowboy, will set you up with one of many horses on the property, suited to your riding ability – even if you’ve never been on a horse before. You’ll ride through the forested trails and through fields and plains with your guide and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, take photos and observe an absolutely spectacular part of Guanacaste in a unique format.

From beginning to end, this is truly one of the best nature tours in Costa Rica.

Eat like royalty, sampling organic fare grown at the ranch

After your nature walk or horseback ride, you’ll return to the ranch where cool, refreshing homemade lemonade and water are waiting for you. As you enjoy these drinks, gaze out from your table on the terrace to the hacienda and contemplate the meaning of living among nature. Soon, the first course of a gourmet 3-course meal will make its way to your table. Your lunch includes ingredients such as vegetables grown right there at La Senda, using only organic practices. You might enjoy organic chicken raised just down the road, or beef from a ranch located on a nearby Guanacaste pasture. The meal is international fusion style and always prepared with care and artistry. The food is accompanied by your choice of beers, cocktails, organic wines or non-alcoholic beverages.

Dive into your spirituality by walking the world’s biggest labyrinth made of cacti

After lunch, you may be ready for more of this rare opportunity to explore La Senda. Your guide will take you to yet another corner of the ranch, where the Tamarindo Labyrinth is located. This is the largest labyrinth in the world and was designed around not one, but two centers which are each located within their own energy dome – one masculine and one feminine.

A labyrinth differs from a maze in that a maze has many paths where you can get lost and have to find your route to the exit. A labyrinth, on the other hand, has just one route to follow.

The incredible labyrinth at La Senda, designed by Robert Esquivel, is made solely from cacti that guide you along the path to each of the two centers and back out again. Along the way, you’ll likely to feel a spiritual awakening. La Senda’s labyrinth is strategically placed to surround one masculine and one feminine energy dome, and the path is designed in three stages so that as you transition between first the feminine, then the masculine and finally the harmonizing pathways, you’ll be treated to a sense of duality, or an embracing of opposite forces. Learn more about this awe-inspiring place at www.tamarindolabyrinth.com

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