Tamarindo Surf Tours & Academy

Learn to surf under a pro, with an instructor who is focused on you

Certainly, Tamarindo is a surfing mecca, with waves to suit the abilities of the pros who’ve been at the sport for decades and those trying to stand on a board for the first time. Take advantage of not only the many surf breaks in and around Tamarindo beach, but also of the area’s most professional, high-quality surf school, Tamarindo Surf Academy

Founded and still led by a former pro surfer, Tamarindo Surf Academy takes surf lessons a step further than other surf schools. Based at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, this surf academy continues the hotel’s tradition of providing people with the utmost in personalized service and attention. That means you won’t be lumped into big groups and thrown out to sea with little guidance. Instead, Tamarindo Surf Academy does one-on-one lessons, or groups no bigger than four people. The result is that our ISA-certified instructor has the opportunity to give individualized tips and tricks the whole time, because he is focused on you rather than on a group.

If you’re not new to surfing, our team is constantly watching the swells and wind for you, so we know the best spots to take you on surf trips to the best breaks on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. From Playa Avellanas, Playa Grande and Playa Negra, to the famous waves at Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, we’re outfitted to get you there when the tide’s right and keep you comfortable on the ride there, back, and in between.

As an added bonus, our instructor is qualified to teach Stand Up Paddleboarding if that’s more your style. We’ll also take care of your surf board or paddleboard rental, providing top-of-the-line equipment no matter which sport you choose.

We are happy to organize a surf and stay package for our guests who are coming to Costa Rica and want to learn to surf or take surf trips. We can provide you with luxury accommodation at our boutique hotel combined with a surf experience suited to your ability. See our Packages for more details. ********(provide link to Packages page)

Learn more about our surf academy at www.tamarindosurfacademy.com.

Included: surfboard rental or Stand Up Paddleboard rental, rashguard shirt, bilingual instructor certified by the International Surf Association, transportation to Tamarindo beach and boat transportation to other surf breaks where applicable

What to bring: swimsuit, towel, waterproof sunscreen or zinc screen

Suited for: ages 6 and up, all abilities

Surf lessons for beginners with personalized attention

Surfing isn’t easy, and learning to surf is even tougher. But trust us, it’s incredibly fun and definitely worth the effort!

Tamarindo Surf Academy is different from other surf schools in the Playa Tamarindo area because our instructor is focused on you the whole time. We only offer surf lessons in small groups – for example, if your family wants to learn together, or in groups of one or two people – so that from the very beginning, you’ll receive instruction tailored specifically to you. Your surf lessons start with learning basic techniques on the sand. Here, our instructor can watch the way you stand up and practice paddling, and give you tips based on your specific needs.

We’ll also give you safety tips and tell you the ins and outs of the ocean – a step some other surf schools miss. Learning ocean and surf safety and etiquette are vital to keeping you safe in the water and giving you the best possible surf experience during your time in Costa Rica.

Once you’re feeling comfortable with the techniques of paddling and standing up on a high-quality learner board we provide you with, it’s time to hit the waves. Our instructor will be with you the whole time, constantly giving you tips and suggestions on how to improve. He’ll explain which waves to catch, when to start paddling, when to stand and how to balance. This personalized, professional care means you’ll be standing up faster and feel more confident in the waves.

How you want to learn is your choice:

Single lesson: our instructor takes you out to show you how to stand up and gives you the fundamentals about how to paddle, how to recognize which waves to catch, and share ocean safety information.

Three lessons: receive all the instruction included in the single lesson, plus extend your learning to discover how to position yourself in the lineup, the intricacies of paddling and how to turn into the face of a wave.

Five lessons: to get you to be your most confident self in the water, the five-lesson course provides even more guided instruction to ensure you’ll have no problem carving, riding bigger waves and feeling the thrill of a longer ride. Plus, learn the ins and outs of surf etiquette, which are vital to becoming a true surfer.

Take exciting surf trips to the best surf breaks around Tamarindo Costa Rica

Sure, Tamarindo beach has a bunch of great surf breaks for experienced surfers – just ask the locals to come here every day. But while you’re on vacation in Costa Rica, you don’t want to surf the same place again and again.

Add some variety to your Costa Rican surf holiday by taking on the diverse waves at Playa Grande, Playa Avellanas and Playa Negra. Or, surf the long, perfect barrels of Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, accessible only by boat. For advanced surfers, surf trips provide the best opportunity to explore the country’s best breaks, all located within a reasonable distance from Tamarindo beach. And, by doing your surf trips with Tamarindo Surf Academy, we’ll let you in on some of the secret spots that only the locals know about, while providing you with tips about each break you visit, and taking you there when the tide and swell are just right.

On the trip, you’ll travel in comfort on our power boat, which has plenty of space for you and your group. We’ll supply cold drinks for the trip and get you there fast so you can hit the water sooner.

Need to rent a short board that’s just right for the waves that day? We can hook you up with the highest quality surfboard rentals in the Tamarindo area.

Read more about the best surf spots on the Guanacaste coast and how Tamarindo Surf Academy’s surf trips are different here: tamarindosurfacademy.com

Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard and explore the coast from offshore

The sport isn’t new, but Stand Up Paddleboarding has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Combining balance, core strength and endurance with the exploratory opportunities of kayaking, SUP is a great way to enjoy the Tamarindo sunshine from the water.

Our ISA-qualified instructor is also an excellent SUP teacher. He’ll give you tips about how to balance on these giant surf boards, how to paddle effectively to navigate the waves and current, and tell you how to stay safe in the water. If you’re interested, he’ll even show you how to surf these big boards by paddling hard with the wave and catching it at just the right moment.

From the launching point at Playa Tamarindo, you can go on a guided paddle with our instructor by your side or venture out alone. If the tide is right, you can pull up to Captain’s Island, just beyond the Tamarindo marina where you’ll find mounds of huge, unbroken shells and a family of seabirds fishing among the reef at the back of the island. You’ll learn how to build speed, paddle for long distances, and how to get back on the board if you fall off.

Meet the founder of Tamarindo Surf Academy

Federico Pilurzu is the former national and Central American surf champion who has competed in international surf competitions at the highest level. He now does double-duty as the organizer of Tamarindo Surf Academy and as manager of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas. When he has time, Federico still gets out to surf the waves in and around the Tamarindo area as much as possible, often drawing crowd of awe-struck observers.

Federico saw the need for a different kind of surf school in Tamarindo – one that was based on professionalism and individualized instruction from qualified surf teachers. Sometimes, Federico teaches surfing himself, but normally he leaves that job to a certified instructor he personally chose. Although he’s surfed all over the world, from Huntington to Hawaii, and South Africa to Australia, Federico maintains that the Tamarindo area is still the best spot to surf in the world.

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