Tamarindo Costa Rica Yoga Retreat & Classes

To Re-Establish Your Connection With the Divine

Breathe in the fresh air, the sounds of nature, the illuminated sky as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean, just steps away. Exhale your worries, your stress, the pressures you left so far behind. This is the home of purity, of serenity, of reconnecting your body to your mind and your inner peace.

Yoga and Costa Rica go together like bread and butter. Our “pura vida” way of life embraces the spirit of each individual and an appreciation for the simple things, the good things on Earth. Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas’ open air yoga studio takes this a step further by truly connecting you with the Earth. Without walls to separate you from nature, it’s the prime setting for a yoga practice you’ll recall forever.

Sweat, spirituality and meditation in the lap of luxury

Cala Luna’s professionally trained yoga instructors offer morning classes three days a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to begin your day feeling powerful and renewed. We also offer evening classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to wrap the day up with mindfulness and appreciation for taking good care of your body.

Our morning flow yoga classes get you started slowly, using meditation techniques to awaken the mind to the possibilities of the day. The instructor will guide you through setting an intention for your practice that will stay with you even after you leave the yoga studio to enjoy the selection of tours and activities our resort offers, or to relax poolside under the sun.

In the evening, we offer power vinyasa style yoga to get your circulation moving and release toxins through sweat before turning down the tempo to leave you feeling relaxed and purified by the end of the class.

Whether you take part in a morning flow session or an evening vinyasa class, our groups are always small. This allows the instructor to give personalized attention to each student to gently correct postures, suggest alternate poses to accommodate for discomfort or injury, or to encourage you to take your practice to the next step. Our yoga classes are always friendly and often include a mix of hotel guests and local residents of Tamarindo.

Morning Flow yoga

Start your day with a calming, soul-nourishing yoga practice. Our instructor begins the class with a slow, restorative yoga sequence to target any ailments, open joints and promote effective blood circulation throughout the body. From there, the practice progresses to an energy-balancing flow, keeping true to slower movements and a style more in tune with the Hatha persuasion than a sweat-inducing power flow. Finally, the class ends with a cool-down sequence that heals both the body and mind, and ends with a guided relaxation.

Our morning flow yoga classes are ideal for beginner yogis and even first-timers, as well as athletes and people who seek a yoga practice that promotes centering, a calm mind, healthy body, and a day that starts out with relaxation.

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Synchronizing breath and movement is one of the primary goals of power vinyasa yoga. As you concentrate on each inhale and exhale, your mind goes inward and you focus on your own breath and motions as one action. Meanwhile, your mind releases any thoughts or worries that came with you to class, leaving you fully relaxed and at peace by the end of the session.

Usually, our vinyasa classes begin with setting an intention for the class – some destination where you will send your energy. Then, our skilled instructor guides you through a series of warm up movements called Sun Salutations, before leading you through a yoga class that promotes strength, flexibility, inner healing and mindful awareness of the body. To end, you reconnect with your intention during a short meditation so you can leave knowing you’ve accomplished something beautiful.

Premier Costa Rica yoga retreats or private yoga classes at the beach

Cala Luna’s outdoor yoga studio is just steps away from your deluxe hotel room or private villa, and so close to the beach you’ll hear the waves crashing against the shore in unison with your exhale into downward dog.

The oceanfront location, breathtaking surroundings and connection with nature makes Cala Luna the perfect place for a beachside yoga retreat for friends, families, corporate events or other groups while on vacation. We’re pleased to offer a luxury yoga retreat package to create an everlasting bond between your group.

Check out our yoga packages here:

Yoga and Surf 5 Days Package (2-6 People)

Luxury 5 Days Yoga Package (2-6 People)

Luxury 5 Days Gathering Yoga Package (7-20 People)

In addition, our yoga instructor is pleased to offer private yoga instruction to our guests at Cala Luna Hotel. Inform our staff at the reception desk if you’re interested in improving your practice with one-on-one sessions during your stay with us.

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