Terms and Conditions

The wellbeing, relaxation and enjoyment of our guests of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas in Costa Rica are our primary concerns. Further, we believe we have the responsibility to disclose the terms and conditions related to your reservation and stay at our hotel in the interest of keeping you informed.

Cala Luna is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel offering the best in personalized service amongst the most stunning natural landscaping and architect-designed eco-chic hotel suites and villas. We have an incredibly clean pool onsite, and each villa has its own private pool as well. We also offer free Wifi access to our guests on hotel property as well as at the beach, and are proud to be the home of a renowned, chef-led restaurant and a relaxing lounge, both next to the pool.

Our hotel is located on the sparkling white sand of Playa Langosta, just steps from the well-known beach town of Tamarindo. Our hotel offers yoga in our own yoga studio, led by trained instructors, and we are happy to pamper you with onsite spa services, all just steps from your luxury hotel room or private fully equipped villa.

Payment and cancellation policies

Full payment for your room is required 30 days before check-in. Additional charges during your stay, such as payment for tours, restaurant or lounge orders, yoga or spa services, and other costs, must be paid in full at time of check-out.

Payment is made in US dollars and can be made by credit card, including Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Prices quoted on our own online booking system at calaluna.com are valid at the time they are displayed, but may change without notice until the reservation is made.

In addition, prices displayed on any third-party’s booking site or reservation system are subject to that company’s terms and conditions and may be changed by Cala Luna without notice until the reservation is confirmed.

A booking of minimum 6nights is required for reservationsthat includelodgingfrom December 20 through January 4.

Unused services are not refundable or exchangeable. Name changes do not apply on reservations.

Cancellation for your booking must be made in writing to our reservations desk by email or fax. Cancellation requests made 15 days or more prior to date of arrival may be refunded in full; 7 to 14 days prior carries a penalty of 50% of the charge for your stay; less than 7 days, no refund will be given. During the Christmas-New Year’s period, reservations made at least 30 days before check-in apply for a 100% refund; 15 to 29 days prior carry a 50% penalty; less than 15 days, no refund given.

Failure to check in incurs a 100% non-refundable penalty.

All reservations made​​ within 3 to 8 days before arrival have agrace periodof 48hours forcancellations. Reservations made ​​within 0 to 48 hours before arrival cannot be changed or canceled without penalty.

The hotel will automatically cancel any reservation tha tdoes not meet the stipulated payment requirements.

Cala Luna’s reservations department will respond to a request in the same manner as it was made in a period of no more than 24 hours,including the payment deadline one month prior. If full payment is not completed in accordance with the hotel’s reservation and cancellation policies, the reservation is automatically removed and the hotel does not guarantee reservations not been paid in full.

Cancellation policies apply to accommodation in rooms or villas, and to packages.

Tours canceled before 4 pm the day before the tour can be refunded in full, however tours canceled after 4 pm the day prior will not be refunded.

Different policies may apply for group bookings, booking agencies, tour agencies, etc.

Guest responsibility

While Cala Luna’s attentive staff and management are fully committed to each guest’s safety and enjoyment while staying at our hotel, our guests are also responsible for ensuring their own safety as well. For example, horseplay and negligent behavior are not allowed on the property and especially near any of Cala Luna’s pools, as well as on the beach. Guests should exercise caution, and people staying with us who have children should always be observant to ensure the safety of the kids at all times.

We ask that our guests not engage in behavior that is harmful, disruptive or disrespectful to themselves, to other guests or to our staff. We believe that all of our guests should fully enjoy their stay without being disturbed unnecessarily by others.

Guest responsibility extends to all services, amenities and tours offered by Cala Luna and its partners. These include tours, events, spa services, yoga and surf lessons, whether they are offered onsite or elsewhere.

Cala Luna’s secluded beach is a big perk to our guests who can walk just a few steps from our boutique hotel to Playa Langosta. Our guests should always be especially cautious at the beach, which is public property. The ocean should always be respected and people should be mindful of their safety in and around the water. Please also be cautious when exploring the sections of volcanic rock along the shoreline as some sections can be very sharp and others are slippery. Further, please respect that the beach is a delicate ecosystem and refrain from throwing trash or damaging the beach in any way, and help us tread lightly on the earth.

Conditions of your stay

As stated above, we want all our guests to fully enjoy their stay at our boutique resort. We therefore ask that our guests respect others by refraining from disrespectful, harmful, dangerous or disturbing behaviors on the property.

Part of our hotel’s philosophy is to respect nature and the beauty of Costa Rica, including its flora and fauna. We’ve taken great care to surround you with lush, tropical vegetation that is native to the area and we work hard to maintain the property in top form at all times. We ask that you as our guest help us to keep the property looking spectacular by walking on the paths and refraining from damaging the vegetation.

Please also respect the Costa Rican wildlife from a safe distance to avoid any unintentional injury.

We reserve the right to terminate the stay of guests who are unable to or fail to comply with the terms and conditions laid out here. If such a case should arrive, the possibility of returning your payment in full or in part may be discussed with the hotel’s management.

Maximum occupancy:

  • Deluxe rooms, with1 kingor 2 full size beds: max.3peopleper room.
  • GardenVillas,2separate rooms, equippedwith 1kingbedand2 single beds: max.4adults.
  • Suite GardenVillas,2separate rooms, equippedwith 1kingbedand2 full size beds:max.4adults.
  • MasterVillas,3bedroomswith1kingandtwo rooms with 2 single beds in each room:max.6adultsper villa.
  • Suite MasterVillas,3bedroomswith1king, 2 full beds and 2 single beds:max.6adultsper villa.
  • An additional personcost:$35.00plus tax.

Check in time: 2:00 pm

Check out time: 12:00 noon

Childrenunder 12years are free of chargewhen sharingaccommodationwith adults. Maximum 2childrenperroom.

Pets are notallowedinthehotel, exceptguide dogs.

Liability statement

In cases of accident, injury, or disruption of a guest’s stay, Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas is not liable for any costs incurred. The user or guest is directly liable for any such misfortune, whether that may occur on Cala Luna’s property or at the public beach. The user or guest assumes all risk and incurred costs.

In addition, Cala Luna reserves the right to find guests liable for damages to the hotel property, including outdoor common areas, its hotel rooms or luxury villas. The hotel may find it necessary to apply a charge to a guest’s bill to cover the cost of repairing damage to the structures and grounds on the property.

We do not tolerate illegal behavior or substances anywhere on the property at Cala Luna.

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