Cala Luna Identity

Revealing the delight of wandering & waking up in paradise.

We’re family-owned and our passion shows. 
Cala Luna is one of the only hotels in Guanacaste, Costa Rica that 
remains green all year round. There are few barriers between us and 
nature. Open-plan spaces and secluded accommodations meld into 
lush jungle that attracts more wildlife than anywhere else in the area – 
monkeys, raccoons, iguanas, birds, insects and us. Within this natural 
retreat, we offer five-star barefoot luxury that’s open to everyone. 
We nourish our senses daily through delicious home-grown ingredients, 
gastronomic farm to table dinners, holistic wellness, spa therapies, and 
deep connection to Mother Earth. From dining with us at our homestead 
La Senda and walking the world’s largest labyrinth, to sipping cocktails 
on the beach as the sun slips over the edge of the ocean – you choose 
the memories to carry home. 

Welcome to an unforgettable experience.