The history of Cala Luna: discovering a utopia for luxury

The founders of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, Antonio Pilurzu and Grietje and Els Depypere, long dreamed of opening a luxury hotel in an enchanted corner of the world. After many happy years of living in Sardinia – a beautiful island in the south of Italy – they decided to pursue new horizons, and traveled to Costa Rica.

When they landed, they rented a car and for several months drove the length of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. But they fell in love with Playa Langosta, just a few minutes from the beach town of Tamarindo, and knew it was the ideal site for their new boutique hotel.

In 1996, they opened the Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas. The name is inspired by Moon Bay in Sardinia, which in Italian translates to Cala Luna. There, the turquoise water is so clear, you can see straight to the bottom and the area is an oasis where visitors come to relax and enjoy the good life.

The Pilurzu-Depypere family began by planting a wealth of native trees on the largely scrubby terrain in this under-developed corner of Playa Langosta. At the time, the land was dotted with just a few Guacimo trees, but little by little, the family cultivated the area into the natural paradise it is today.

The owners pride ourselves on offering the perfect blend of personalized service and luxurious architectural design at Cala Luna. They selected only the finest details to be a part of this boutique hotel in Costa Rica. Still a family owned and managed resort, Cala Luna has maintained its status as the best luxury destination in the area because its staff and owners care for each of our guests as though they were part of the family.

Similarly, our staff strive to make our guests feel at home from the minute you check in until your vacation comes to an end because the key to our success lies in the people who work every day to make you feel at home. With more than 60 employees throughout the property – working in the garden, maintenance, kitchens, bars, housecleaning, reception area and much more, and most of whom are local residents of the Tamarindo area – return guests will be sure to see some familiar faces.

Our mission

Our guests are our reason for being at Cala Luna – therefore, day after day, we work tirelessly to ensure each guest receives the absolute best, personalized service. Our goal is to cater to each guest’s needs and desires to create for you the most enjoyable luxury vacation imaginable, one that gives birth to memories that will last a lifetime.

We aim to achieve this mission by getting to know our guests on a personal level and going the extra mile to accommodate any special requests you might have. Whether you come as a family, as a couple on a romantic retreat, or a group of friends or business associates, we continually strive to ensure your time in Costa Rica will be unforgettable.

Our vision

Our vision at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas in Tamarindo is to create the premier luxury vacation experience in Costa Rica, through a dedication to individualized attention to each of our guests within a serene and beautiful environment.

Our values

First and foremost, we value our guests – their comfort, safety, security and enjoyment during their stay with us at Cala Luna in Costa Rica.

We know that a team of dedicated staff, who serve our beloved guests, is vital to our success and we therefore pledge to treat our team with respect. We also recognize that without a stunningly beautiful natural landscape, our hotel would not be the fine, luxury boutique it is today. To that end, we value our country’s environmental well-being and we help protect the environment in a variety of ways, including:

• reusing gray water from our kitchen and laundry for irrigating our gardens and natural areas

• using only biodegradable detergent for the laundry

• feeding edible kitchen and other vegetable waste to our animals (pigs, goats, ducks and chickens) off hotel property at La Senda ranch.

Additionally, we have made a conscious choice to serve food and wines that are produced using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. For example:

• our organic and biodynamic wine list – we are the only hotel to adopt this practice

• all fish served at our restaurant is caught locally by local fishermen; we no longer serve fish, such as tuna, that is caught by commercial fishing practices that unnecessarily kill large amounts of other marine wildlife

• limiting fumigation against pets as much as possible

• adhering to organic practices in our gardens and around the Cala Luna grounds wherever posible.


Without the help of many other talented individuals and organizations, Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas wouldn’t be the success it is today. Therefore, we offer this space to thank those who contributed in a variety of ways to the hotel. The contributions of those listed here are deeply appreciated and their knowledge and expertise are valuable assets to our business. Thank you!

Antonio Saba Photographer

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