4 Days / 3 Nights

Lady getting a treatment in the Spa at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel

This personal retreat is effective in addressing physical and psychological concerns from muscle aches to hormonal imbalances, cleaning and rebalancing the hearth chakra,  improving sleep and mental clarity.  As a result of this program, you will experience a deep state of relaxation providing relief from daily stress, recovering your natural state of balance, peace, and wellness.


Itinerary (subject to your preference)

Day 1: Check in - Appointment at Lahari Wellness Center to check your itinerary / Dinner
Day 2: Breakfast + Green Juice / Restorative Yoga Class / Lahari Signature Treatment / Dinner
Day 3: Breakfast + Green Juice / Peace & Stillness Holistic Treatment / Sungazing Meditation / Dinner
Day 4: Breakfast + Green Juice / Check out