Avatar Transformation Experience With Blue Clay

& Sun Gazing Meditation Sun Gazing Meditation

Blue Clay 

Known as Healing Clay :

1. Antibacterial

2.Anti inflammatory


4. Rejuvenating

5.Regenerates skin tissue

6.Skin exfoliator

7.Detoxifies the Body and help removes heavy metals



Is a Meditation used as a way of activating and awakening the pineal gland. It's common to do it during the sunset or the sunrise, in safe hours, otherwise damage can and will occur to the eyes.

Gazing at the sun, that big, beautiful part of our lives that gives life to so much, nourishes the earth, keeps us warm and blessed us with vitamin D.

The best time to do it is within the first hour of daylight in the morning and the last hour of daylight.

The reason is because the UV index is low, and the rays are not as powerful allowing our eyes to absorb the light from the sun.

Sungazing benefits:

1.The pineal gland is related with the secretion of serotonin (The hormone of joy) and melatonin which is related with  sleeping cycles, so it increases both hormone levels .

2. Better sleep.

3. Natural antioxidant

4. Enhances blood flow.

5.Reduces stress and increases inner strength.

6.increases the size of the pineal gland, our connection to our third eye, our intuition.

The pineal gland is a master gland and controls the sleep and waking cycles of our bodies.

Besides, pineal gland has a very important relationship with our inner wisdom connection.

7. Increases energy and emotional well - being.

8. Nourishes Bliss, joy, peace, and calm.

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Avatar Transformation Experience With Blue Clay