Ancient Healing Cacao Ceremony in the Labyrinth

Min 10 – Max 40 Participants

The cacao bean provides an opening of the heart and chest area, which is why it is considered a medicinal therapy. And that is not purely in the ‘energy-oriented’ chakras way; cacao is scientifically proven to cleanse and strengthen the heart thanks to the ton of magnesium it holds. The practice of Cacao Ceremonies dates to the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations, that were residing throughout Mexico, and down into Central America. Over the last decade, the interest and growing trend of ceremonial use of cacao have been gaining momentum. Gathering in a circle as One people, one nation to drink what for some tribes represents blood. This medicinal brew awakes our ancestral memory... honoring and remembering our ancestors. Cacao opens the spirit world. We travel this journey held by specific songs from the plant medicine helping us to look inside and open our heart to unconditional love. The plant of cacao represents the blood of our lineage. This ceremony reconnects us with our ancestral memory and opening the heart to guide us in inner work. The intention with this ceremony is to break the illusion, limited beliefs, traumas or anything that is blocking the path of our soul. We are not the mind. We are not the body. We are not the emotions. We are Spirit that comes to live an experience. Native shamanic tools like drumming, feather cleansing, smudging, medicinal cacao, and shamanic sound journeys with didgeridoo, ancestral songs and flutes are used. Sound vibrations have the subtle and powerful strength to go deep into ourselves unblocking and releasing our inner guidance. . Eat lightly that day and fast 3 hours before coming if you can.


4.00pm: welcome

4.30pm: start of the cacao ceremony in the second center of the labyrinth 11

7.00pm: light healthy 3 course gourmet dinner, (juice included and organic wine and beer available)

9.00pm: departure Net Rate, dinner include

Capacity Chart

Ancient Healing Cacao Ceremony in the Labyrinth