Temazcal or Mayan Sweat Lodge

Min 10 – Max 20 Participants

The intention is to clean the mind, the body and be in balance within. Some symbols in this ceremony are the fire representing the opening of the Sacred Mystery; 28 stones which are the bones of the earth and a dome shaped structure symbolizing the womb of our Mother earth. We enter into this womb to be born again. A fire is lit directly outside the sweat lodge, tended by a highly trained fire keeper who heads the stones that are used to keep the temezcal hot. The fire keeper places the stones in a hole in the center of the lodge, adding tobacco and aromatic herbs as an offering. Bring a bathing suit, towel and sandals or flip-flops. Eat lightly that day and fast 3 hours before coming if you can.


4.30pm: arrival, explanation, setting of intention, temezcal

7.00pm: shower time

7.30pm: light healthy 3 course dinner, (juice included and organic wine and beer available)

9.00pm: departure

Capacity Chart

Temazcal or Mayan Sweat Lodge