Cooking Classes

Min 8 - Max 14 Participants

We also love to create a truly recognition and respect for every single ingredient you put into your mouth, whether it is an animal, a vegetable, a wild herb or leaf. That is basically why we started our own extensive organic fruit and 
vegetable garden!
This is a very interactive experience where our chef prepares in front you and you are also invited to 
actively prepare your drink and appetizer. Of course, we share the recipes with you. As they say 
practice makes perfect.
Depending on the season and availability of the ingedrients, the menu can change. Here is an 
example of a previous menu.
A refreshing drink made with Jamaican hibiscus from the garden

Turmeric shrimp stuffed with garlic and fresh wild cilantro
Make your own

Mojito with guaro
Prepare your own with the national liquor of Costa Rica

Catch of the day in a bread crust and a roselle leaf sauce
zucchini with mint and turmeric
Chicken breast in a sesame seed crust stuffed with chaya leaves
sautéed vegetables and a herbed yogurt sauce

Belgian chocolate mousse

Coffee or tea with Costa Rican coffee liquor

Capacity Chart

Cooking Classes