Kirtan & Sound Bath

When we vibrate from the heart, we reflect its harmony through our emotions, thoughts, words, and the way we look at things.


Through Songs for the Soul, the ego is dissolved, the separation no longer exists – reconnecting one another through the frequency of love, thus creating a positive vibration for the world.


These gatherings turn into a healing circle where everything that happens here, expands with light embracing Mother Earth.


These sessions help us open our throat chakra, associated with light blue – it is our creative center, our self-expression, and allows us to communicate our truth and the expression of our most genuine self.


We sing mantras, syllable sounds, phrases or texts in different languages, recite them repeatedly and rhythmically, bringing the body into a state of deep relaxation and the mind into one of concentration, known as dharana in Sanskrit.


Many mantras or chants have no real meaning in the rational state, so have no literal translation, but the intention with which we vibrate when chanting them is what generates changes in our cells.


Mantra sounds start resonating within, then the sounds, feelings, and intentions expand through our body, aided by the breath itself - becoming a powerful pranayama

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Kirtan & Sound Bath