Secret & Sacred Medicinal Garden

Min 4 – Max 30 Participants

Using nature’s elements – roots, barks, leaves, flowers and seeds - they create holistic multi-purpose remedies to enhance the wellbeing of the body and all senses. 14 They selected plants that adapt to the local dry tropical forest, starting from universal and wellknown species across the continents to the very unique ones only known to this part of the world. Viktorija and Inese’s path is to study how to honor natures healing abilities through sustainable and loving practices and how to cultivate ancestral wisdoms to offer Immunity for the Community. Viktorija is a lifelong student and practitioner of Nature and its wisdoms. In the sharing in community workshops and sacred circles all inspirations received about nature’s sacred connections are honored. Inese has studied naturopathy, herbalism, and traditional healing for the past five years and is a passionate practitioner of original medicine integration in daily life. As a certified aroma therapist and aroma diagnostic, she specializes in aromatic oil infusions from medicinal plants for aesthetic use. Just before arriving to Costa Rica, Inese graduated from the gardener school as a park gardener and got the chance to plan and curate a sustainable permaculture garden for the urban community in the heart of the capital city Riga.

Various workshop options

• Cultivating sacred connections with (options to choose from) o Herbal Tea Mixology, o Sacred Smoke to Purify and Connect, o Wisdoms of Natures Remedies, o Local Dry Forest Crown Crafting

• Nature walks and herbal tea degustation in the Labyrinth

• Tea ceremonies (in the Labyrinth or your preferred magical place)

• Herbal support for detox programs with fresh and dried organic herbs, extracts and products for integration.

• Support for sacred practices with smudging agents, aroma mists, sweet and bitter baths, herbal crowns and bouquets

Duration workshop: 2,5 hours

Capacity Chart

Secret & Sacred Medicinal Garden