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About La Senda

La Senda, a beautiful 74 acre property, surrounded by smooth hills, partly tropical dry forest and partly meadow, feels like a blessing. Witnessing the abundance of nature, the nurturing presence of both wildlife and domestic animals, and the powerful and healing caress of the energy centers are an amazing gift asking to be shared. All the activities, workshops and events reflect the life experience at La Senda: the intimate contact with nature, its plants, animals and spirit; a relentless drive towards more consciousness and inner growth; the organic farming to lessen the impact on nature; creating community through exchange of knowledge and sharing talents and gifts; but above all, the opening up to the blissful and propitious energy vibration of this place.

Six years ago, we started opening La Senda for nightly dinners so people could share their experience of the labyrinth. The dinners were themed around certain ingredients that we could source from the farm. Eating healthy and responsibly is an important part of our life style, and our interest in food also extends to the way food is grown. In our quest for organic fruits and vegetables, we had a hard time finding local farmers that could provide us consistently with the organic ingredients we were looking for. It made us start dreaming about growing our own organic vegetables, not only for our own use but also to provide hotel Cala Luna, of which La Senda is a sister project, with healthy produce. By coincidence, we met a young agroecologist from the area at an heirloom seed trading fair and the project was born. Now we grow a variety of vegetables and fruits 100% organically on 2 hectares (5 acres) and prepare our own natural fertilizers and pesticides. The Farm-to-Table dinners are a natural consequence of our wish to share with like-minded people our connection with healthy produce that is cultivated in a way that nurtures instead of exhausting our earth. There is no fixed menu as the chef uses ingredients that are harvested the day itself. Depending on the day’s harvest, the menu changes constantly. As a main protein we offer catch of the day, organic free-range chicken, and vegetarian or vegan options.

All the activities that are described in detail hereunder can be combined with a Farm-to-Table dinner.

• Guided meditation in the labyrinth • Tour of the organic garden • Yoga experience in the labyrinth • Kirtan concert in the dome • Sound journey in the dome • Ancient healing cacao ceremony in the labyrinth • Temazcal or Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony • Wim Hof breathing session and Ice Bath therapy.

Apart from the above, we also offer: • Secret & Sacred medicinal garden experience • “WannaBee” Honey tour • Cooking classes


Namaste and Pura Vida!


Guided Meditation in the Labyrinth

Concept La Senda Mágica is all about opening to a new and magical experience: a meditative walk in the biggest labyrinth of the world followed by a casual and delicious dinner under the stars. Upon arrival, you receive an explanation as to how and why the labyrinth was built. A professional meditation teacher guides you in the labyrinth. After this inspiring walk, you are treated to an organic gourmet dinner prepared by our chef.

Kirtan Concert in the Geodesic Dome

Concept These high energy chanting circles are an invitation to co-create a deep connection to the heart and a positive healing vibration for oneself and the world. Chanting, dancing, enjoying, and connecting are the intention of the circles, co-creating a space of devotional bliss, landing gently in the deep silence that follows.

Sound Journey with Gongs and Crystal Bowls in the Dome

Concept Experience the sounds of the Universe in the labyrinth as you are showered in waves of primordial vibrations by some of the richest sounding instruments in existence: High Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Powerful Paiste Gongs.

Ancient Healing Cacao Ceremony in the Labyrinth

Concept Have a peek into a native cacao ceremony, a century old tradition accompanied by magical sounds of relaxing instruments. Sitting in a happy, comfortable circle of candlelight drinking slightly bitter hot chocolate with your group makes you feel elevated and somewhat elated.

Temazcal or Mayan Sweat Lodge

Concept  American First nations from the North, Central and the South use to gather in this sacred ceremony before hunting, sundance, vision quests or as a way of life to connect with the Sacred Mystery. 

Wim Hof Breathing Session and Ice Bath Therapy

Concept A day event to experience, learn and explore! Embark on a journey of physical, mental and emotional self-exploration. Do you want to improve your surfing? Your yoga practice? Or are you just looking to improve mental and physical performance and have fun? Discover an ancient and powerful practice that is trending worldwide, for its great benefits. 

Secret & Sacred Medicinal Garden

Concept In the middle of the dry tropical forest, With the mystical cactus labyrinth nearby, Tiger Mountain parallels, A Secret & Sacred Garden dwells, An invitation to pass by, A reminder of the abundance of Mother Nature, And her aromatic medicine nurturing SuperYou Botanics and the Secret & Sacred medicinal plant garden are a prayer and a creation by Viktorija and Inese, intuitive herbalists from Latvia supporters and promoters of all living plants.

“WannaBee” Honey?

Concept Explore one of the Earth’s most amazing creatures in an encounter like no other and learn about sustainable beekeeping. Wearing protective gear, get up close and personal with a teeming hive, feel the bees crawl on your hands, and admire the greatness of the queen bee.

Cooking Classes

Concept At La Senda, we firmly believe "you are what you eat"; therefore, eating responsibly and healthily 
provides better mental and physical health. We want our guests to experience and benefit directly from the life energy provided by the ingredients we cook with.

Natural Outdoor Amphitheater Venue Rent

Concept Ideal for huge parties, La Senda has a natural amphitheater which has been transformed into an 
open air theatre with a maximum capacity of 300 people for dinner events and 5.000 people for concerts.